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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jordan Burnham - Unbreakable

Teaching the mental health unit can sometimes be tough, but when I am able to share stories like the one here, it makes the lesson so much better. I show some Jordan Burnham footage to my students to demonstrate the effects of depression and to open up the discussion of the topic of suicide.
This ESPN documentary is a great production. Take the time (15 minutes) to watch this and please share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. I find that Jordans story is a miracle. To fall that far down and still survive and work to become normal again is extravagant. He has the will to survive, I find it good that he still preachs against suicide.

  2. This video is very interesting. Seeing how someone who seemed to have had everything on the outside, and nothing on the inside. It just makes me thankful for all my friends and family, and knowing that they love and support me no matter what.

    ps Austin and I(Alex) tried to post a review on iTunes but it did not show up.

  3. Jordan was good at every sport he ever played, he was a straight A student, and he had all of the friends he could want. Anyone who met him thought he had the world, but all of these just acted as stressors in his life. He felt because of his race, he had to be the best at everything he did, he was actually just bottling up emotions and they were unleashed at one attempt on his life. Despite the challenges he faced after his suicide attempt, he made the best of it and instead of making it about him, he is trying to make sure this never happens to anyone again.